Overdose Merchandise


***Any purchase from Deerydeerlulu, freebies will be given***

Visit Order Form to place your order ^^

EXO Cup with signatures [Item code: P1]


Price: $16 SGD


Overdose Posters (10 pcs) [Item code: O1]


Measurement: 28.5cm*42.5cm

**There will be 10 posters in one set**

Price: $14 sgd (U.P:$20)


Overdose Lomo+Postcards [Item code:O2]

Screenshot (19)

Item description: 20 Lomo cards + 20 Postcards

Price: $10 sgd 


Overdose Card Sticker [Item code:O3]

Screenshot (20)


**One member each, a total of 12 card stickers**

Price : $9 sgd 


Overdose Ring [Item code:O4]

psb (1) psb (2) psb

!!!!!!!! HOT ITEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

**Selling fast**

Price: $15 sgd 


Overdose Bag [Item code:O5]

Screenshot (26)

This picture is to show measurements only
This picture is to show measurements only

Screenshot (22)

Price: $16 sgd


Overdose Necklace [Item code:O6]


Price: $12 sgd


Overdose Member Initials T-shirt [Item code:O7]


T2E_6DXLlaXXXXXXXX-587632132 (1)

**Available in White & Grey**

-Please state size and colour when ordering.

Price: $23 sgd (U.P:$30)


Overdose Logo w/ wording [Item code: O8]

TB2Ho3kXFXXXXcpXXXXXXXXXXXX-587632132Screenshot (27)

***Available in Grey, Red, White***

T2E_6DXLlaXXXXXXXX-587632132 (1)

-Please state size & colour when ordering.

Price: $23 sgd (U.P:$30)


Overdose Fan[Item code: O9]

overdose fan(front) Overdose fan back(back)

A fan which suits the boys concert! Use it when they are in Singapore~

Price: $8 Sgd


Overdose Circle Fan [Item code: O10]

Screenshot (28)


A fan which suits the boys concert! Use it when they are in Singapore~

Price: $10 Sgd


Overdose Cutlery Set [Item code: O11]

T2OMJdXVVaXXXXXXXX-679203003 T2TfldX1xaXXXXXXXX-679203003 T2ZhBgX3VXXXXXXXXX-679203003 T28YFiXVRXXXXXXXXX-679203003

Stainless steel

Price: $12 Sgd


Overdose Pencil Box [Item code: O12]

Screenshot (30)

Price: $9 Sgd


Overdose Watch [Item code: O13]

Screenshot (31)


Colour: White only

Price: $20 Sgd


Overdose Lomocard (30pcs) [Item code: O13]

T2..LwXTtXXXXXXXXX_!!1083972199 Screenshot (32)

Price: $13 Sgd


Overdose Lomo Bookmarks [Item code:O14]

T2Crd9XsFbXXXXXXXX_!!38562365 TB2hN1gXVXXXXX3XXXXXXXXXXXX_!!38562365

Price: $9 Sgd

Overdose Lomocards [Item code:O15]


Price: $10 Sgd


Overdose Tattoos [Item code:O16]


>> According to supplier, suitable for face too<<

Price: $6 Sgd


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